We all hear how important self-love is. Does it really make a difference in your ability to find a man and how much time do we really need to spend working on ourselves before we meet that special guy in our life or are we good enough the way we are? Kemi shares with me the importance of self-love and answers this burning question.

About Kemi Sogunle

Kemi Sogunle is an award-winning author,  international speaker, certified professional life and relationship coach.  She is also the Founder/CEO of the nonprofit organization (501c3), Love Not Hurt, an organization that promotes self-development, building healthier and stronger relationships while living with purpose.

She is dedicated to helping others transform their lives through self-development and growth, gaining knowledge and understanding of self-love and who they are before becoming involved in a relationship, find what works best and how to stay true to oneself while connecting with others to build solid relationships that will make their lives better not bitter.

She believes that living truthfully is paramount to long-lasting relationships and healthy living.

Show Highlights

  • Kemi talks about how self-love will influence the type of partner you pick
  • Love doesn’t hurt it heals
  • Love is about giving but most of us go into a relationship thinking what can we get

Kemi Books

Kemi has two books Love, Sex, Lies and Reality and Being Single, a state of the fragile heart to find out more or to get your copy go to amazon here.

Connect with Kemi

Website: www.kemisogunle.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovesexliesandreality

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kemisogunle

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