Yolanda’s story was not always easy and neither is yours I am sure. No matter what we grow up in or what we experience we can turn it all around. Yolanda the author of the book Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter where she shares five women’s stories from struggling to powerful and successful. Despite the circumstances Yolanda was able to change her life for the better and today she shares with you how you can do the same, no matter what your story is.

About Yolanda M Tucker

Yolanda M. Tucker delivers high energy messages which help individuals overcome adversity and inspires them to achieve their dreams. A message Yolanda has lived. In spite of dropping out of junior high school, Yolanda holds a MBA in Business Administration, a second Master’s degree in Acquisition and Contracts and a Certification of Transportation Regulatory Law from Florida Coastal School of Law. Yolanda is also an award winning author, motivational speaker and a business consultant.

Yolanda uses the overwhelming circumstances she has faced in her own life to motivate, inspire, empower and impact the lives of her audiences. After accepting that only she could change her situation, Yolanda took charge and made decisions to improve her life and its circumstances. Her unique mix of personal and professional triumphs motivates both business and social event attendees.

In 2003, Yolanda was awarded the Florida Writer’s Association Royal Palm Literary Award. In 2007, Yolanda was awarded the Key to the City of Lake Charles, LA and honored with August 11th being designated as the Yolanda M. Tucker day. Yolanda received The Powerful Words of Wisdom Award from The University of North Florida in 2008. Yolanda keynoted Region IV’s 2009 Head Start Annual Parent Training Conference and was selected as a presenter at the 2010 National At-Risk Youth Conference.

As one of the nation’s most sought after speakers, Yolanda has been dubbed the “ America’s Master of Motivation”. Her expertise coupled with her “heart-felt” style and passion to inspire others to achieve their dreams leaves her audiences inspired to uncover that secret undamaged person inside, enlarge their vision and the motivation to take the next step toward their dreams.

Show Highlights

  • Yolanda shares her compelling personal story
  • Yolanda talks about the importance of being truthful with yourself
  • Do you really, really love yourself because if you did you wouldn’t put yourself in certain situations
  • Are you fearful? Have a safety net for yourself
  • You must first love you and if you are confident in the love you have for yourself that will get you through

Yolanda’s Latest Book

Five strong women, fight life’s struggles to become the powerful, successful women they choose to be. Dealing with life’s ups and downs, these women share their stories about how their pink pussies get them into trouble with a Capital T. They share their bad dates, the crazy men in their lives and some of the craziest shit imaginable over apple, blueberry, peach, peanut butter creme and cherry pie. With wine of course!

Yolanda’s book Pink Pussy, Pies and Peanut Butter is available here on amazon. You can also watch a trailer for the book here.

Connect With Yolanda

Website: www.yolandamtucker.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yolandamtucker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/msymtucker

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