Are you dating a guy right now and you are questioning his sexuality? Maybe you are married to a guy who spends more time looking at men than at you. John Carter in his book and on our podcast today shares with you the signs to tell if the man you are with is in fact gay.

About John Carter

WASHINGTON, DC. John Carter is a blogger and author of the book titled “girl Don’t Be so Desperate… you know He’s Gay.” With all of the latest controversy surrounding “straight” men’s sexuality being questioned, as is the case with rapper 50 Cent, and the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner, the topic has garnered a lot of questions. Mr. Carter is an outwardly gay man, and his experiences coming out, living authentically, dating men and navigating the gay world, left Mr. Carter wanting to shed some light on the subject.

Steve Harvey’s book was a dating manual for women looking for a relationship with men. This book is also a dating tool for single women or married women who are feeling that something is missing in their relationship. Mr. Carter wants to give women some helpful hints in determining whether the men that they are dating or have the potential dating may have issues with his sexuality.

No topic is off-limits. He talks about men that have never been married or had children by the age of 40. He discusses men that are deeply embedded in the church and why they may be subjects of concern. He talks about men that almost never initiate sex with their woman. He questions men that eagerly tweeze, pluck, wax, and are well groomed-better than you. Being in a relationship with your man should feel a lot different from your girlfriends. The book gives you pointers on fine tuning your gaydar and spotting downlow men. The main point of this is really to get women to trust their gut, says Mr. Carter. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is one.

Another focal point of the book is that Mr. Carter wants women to really understand why men choose to be on the down low in the first place. Societal pressures and ridicule, especially in the black community, are often reasons that men feel they cannot be honest about their sexuality. In order to get ahead and be respected within the community, men feel that they have to create this false persona in order to be accepted in society.

Mr. Carter hopes that this will be a public service and a call for help and guidance to women in the dating world. If we could shed some light on why men are on the down low and certain characteristics that those men may have, it will empower women to trust their gut and realize that it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship with a deceptive person.  The book outlines these pressures and discusses the importance of equal rights and societal change.

This book promises to be controversial as Mr. Carter prides himself on “keeping it real”. Whether you love him or hate him, the topic needs to be discussed between men and women so that everyone can get their ideal mate in a relationship.  As for Carter, his book will be available on Amazon this Wednesday (and hopefully bookstores soon).  He did his first television appearance on news Channel 8 Let’s Talk Live a few months ago.  That interview can be found in the show’s archives or at

Show Highlights

  • Develop your gaydar
  • How to tell if the man you are dating is definitely gay John shares the signs
  • Warning-watch his eyes

John’s Book

If you really want to develop Gaydar so that you can spot gay men who are on the down low, this book is for you. John Carter does not hold his tongue when it comes to educating women on all of the red flags to look for, as well as explaining why these men choose to live a life of deception. His “keeping it real” approach will have you in tears because you’re sad and perhaps mad. No doubt you will laugh your butt off, all while getting an eye-opening education. If you are single and dating, John’s amazing handbook will help you identify even the craftiest of gay downlow deceivers who are lurking out there. Girl Don’t Be So Desperate You Know He Is Gay is available on you can get your copy here.

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