Single, in love, out of love, married or experiencing divorce, these women share their journey through the trials and triumphs of men, love and relationships. Wilnona chats about getting dumped just before “I do” and really coming to terms with that. She has great advice on how to overcome the experience, so you can find a great guy. Shel-Bee shares what it is like to be married since 1987 and shares some real truths about being married, some great advice here. Jade-Dee is in her thirties and she shares what being newly married is like. So whatever stage of love you are in, you will get something from all of these stories. Arlin couldn’t make it to the live podcast, but we feel her presence! These four ladies have written a book together called “And I Thought Divorce Was Bad” in the book they share the trails and triumphs of all love has to offer.

About Wilnona, Shel-Bee, Arlin & Jade-Dee

Arlin is twenty-six and looking for a meaningful relationship. She writes a blog and co-hosted a podcast.

Shel-Bee is fifty two. She found her quintessential prince charming years ago and has remained married to him.

Wilnona Marie- Is divorced and ditched before the I Do’s. She is thirty six and has been a writer for over a decade, a published author since the age of seventeen.

Jade-Dee- Is thirty and married for five years.  She was looking for Mr. Right for years, and almost gave up faith after witnessing what bad divorces her friends and family were involved in.

They all add there wisdom and humorous anecdotes to the book “And I Thought Divorce Was Bad”

Show Highlights

  • Great snapshot of life Shel-Bee has been married since her teens, Wilnona got ditched just before I do & Jade-Dee she in her thirties and is experience marriage for the first time. They share with you the lesson they learned along the way.
  • Wilnona, Jade-Dee & Shel-Bee share their personal story, so powerful!
  • Great advice about how love is a journey & to stay with it whatever phase you are at

What Wilnona, Shel-Bee, Arlin & Jade-Dee want to Offer You

There book “And I Thought Divorce Was Bad” is being offered to you for only $7, normally priced $14. This is a limited offer and it only available for 7 days after this show is aired. Reach out here to grab your copy This book is also available on amazon here.

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