Relationships are clearly at the heart of our daily lives. After trying to divorce the same man three times, finally successful now. Amy knows the challenges of less than ideal men, as well as the trouble of not taking care of one’s self. Relationship, dating, divorce and love require learning life skills if one wants to be confident and successful.

Are you looking for true love? Are you critical of yourself? When you discover your authentic self and align what you think, speak and do you can live an empowered life. Being true to you allows you to gain confidence, have successful relationships, make meaningful connections, find peace and the love you seek.

About Amy McCabe

After spending nearly a decade ill, Amy McCae healed herself through natural methods. Through that experience Amy rediscovered a passion for helping others. She now offers Holistic Life Coaching that focuses on healing and relationships.

Amy believes that relationships are the heart of our daily lives.  Relationships show us who we, what we want, as well as what we need to heal. Over 15 years of marriage Amy tried to divorce the same man twice and found the third time to be a charm.

Through Amy’s experiences with healing herself and trying desperately to save a failed marriage she realized there were vital life skills that she used that insured her success. She now teaches those as “Excellence in Love.”

Amy has wide range of credentials. Please visit her website for the complete listing at

Show Highlights

  • Amy shares five strategies each with tools you can use today to enhance your relationships
  • Awareness of self and of others is empowering and allows you to make decisions that support what you want
  • Loving yourself is essential
  • Be willing to be vulnerable and to take action
  • Authenticity is empowering

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