Do you find yourself repeating the same story over and over again? Always find yourself in unhealthy relationships? Wish you had more confidence or could set boundaries with a man who never gives you what you need or deserve? Sarah and Samantha have walked your journey and share with you how to do exactly that. No more putting up with crap from other people, live the way you want to live and do it with confidence.

About Sarah & Samantha

Their mission is to inspire women to step outside of their comfort zone to start truly living. They share personal stories and advice based on own experience, which includes marriage, divorce, unhealthy friendships, being held at gun point, getting kicked out of college, infidelity, betrayal and regaining our Self Confidence with Self Improvement. What have we learned? Life is always going to happen. It is up to you how you react.

We talk about how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships, friendships, career and family. When you reach a breaking point and are ready for change we discuss what tools you need to ensure you don’t continue to repeat the cycle, and gain knowledge of your weaknesses in order to overcome them and win.

Show Highlights

  • Understand everything starts with you
  • It is not about being a victim of the past, it is understanding how you got there
  • Know your weakness because your enemy does
  • You have to get to the point where you are grieving the old version of yourself and celebrating the new

Sarah & Samantha Book

In this book you are going to find eight tools that are the key to unlocking the journey towards the best version of yourself. Here we offer our stories and insight based on our own experiences. We come to you as the most vulnerable versions of ourselves with hopes to encourage you to become vulnerable yourself.

We will take you through a journey that will help you change the way you look at the person in the mirror. We will give you the tools to free yourself from your past and take control back of your life. By the end of this book you will learn how to put it all together so you can start living the life you want to live.

Sarah & Samantha E-book is just released and available to you on Amazon Kindle! So What Now? 8 Tools to Help You Start Living Your Best Life Now. You can order your copy here amazon.

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