Breaking up with the man you once loved can really hurt, but Bob shares with you what you must do to recover from losing that special person in your life. Also discover what you really lose when you break up with someone and it is not the guy. Powerful and probably one of my favorite interviews to date take a listen to what Bob has to share with us about understanding, feeling and healing from love, so you too can recover from a broken heart.

About Bob Lancer

Bob Lancer who has turned his painful relationship breakup into a major life and love breakthrough, now help others do the same.  He is single now and loving it, which he knows is the key to attracting his new beautiful soulmate. Bob is the author of three best selling books:

3 of my best selling books are:

  • Lighten Up: how to harness the power of happiness to create the llife you want.
  • The Soulmate Process: how to find the love of your life in 90 days.
  • Parenting With Love: how to achieve your goals in your relationship with your children without anger or stress.

My upcoming title is: I May Have Been Dumped, But I’m Not Garbage.  It is about recovering from a heartbreaking breakup out soon. All books are available on amazon.

Show Highlights

  • Every lost sets you free, I want to be me
  • You project yourself value onto other people and that always leads to disaster
  • You have got to get to the point where you believe there is a better way
  • The more instant the pain the ecstatic the gain
  • Did you ever feel love for a puppy, for nature get in touch with that feeling and turn it towards you
  • The only thing that is missing is not the person but the love that you left for yourself

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