Is he looking for love or is it just a fling? How can I as a woman know what his true intentions are with me? Stephen Nash has been on both sides of the fence, probably one of my favorite interviews to date. Stephen shares with us the golden nuggets of how to tell if the guy you are with is right for you. How to tell if he is looking for love or just a fling. He share with us how to qualify a man , the six phases of dating and what are the obvious signs you need to look out for. So you never end up falling for a man again who has no intention of going anywhere with you.

About Stephen

Stephen Nash was introduced to the world as “Playboy” in the book The Game by Neil Strauss, which topped the New York Times Best Sellers list and propelled a select group of Pickup Artists to global recognition. After leaving Project Hollywood in August of 2004, kissing “The Game” goodbye, Stephen continued to hone his skills into a more natural and holistic framework for attracting and dating women. This new coaching philosophy met with success in helping men of all backgrounds overcome their dating challenges and become capable of developing lasting, healthy relationships with women. Stephen has worked with over 1,000 coaching clients in his career and is the author of the best-selling How To Get a Girlfriend, now in its fifth edition. He is also a contributing writer to The Good Men Project. Stephen is very happily married and splits his time between New York & Southern California.

Show Highlights

  • The six phases of relationship development
  • How a guy paces is an important indicator of this intentions with you
  • How to quality a guy so you know if he is looking for a long-term thing or just a fling
  • What type of woman a man will typical play
  • Is he being charming or genuine, how to tell

Stephen Book

How To Get A Girlfriend can be purchased on Stephen site or amazon and is great for you to read to get the other perspective and understand men. If you have any male friends interested in finding genuine love recommend this book to them.

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