Can’t get off the highs and lows, great sex but you know deep in your heart this man is not good for you? Nancy has walked in your shoes and shares with us why so many women cling to relationship that are just no good for them. She knows he’s bad for her, and yet she answers his calls and texts, opens the door for him to draw her back into a relationship that promises to destroy her. Nancy shares with you the courage it takes and the know how to finally get yourself out of there. Powerful conversation about how to leave the man you know is no good for you. Nancy shares here extraordinary story.

About Nancy Nichols

Nancy Nichols is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, “Know-It-All Nancy” blogger and dating coach. Nancy’s specialty is helping single, divorced and widowed women understand the modern rules of dating. Her first-hand knowledge of failed relationships, divorce and heartbreak gained her unique insight into the dysfunctional behaviors which create a woman’s relationship problems. A comedian at heart, Nancy’s candor and transparency empower women of all ages who seek personal growth.

Show Highlights

  • It is easy to fall in love with the good looking guy
  • What keeps you constantly going back to him
  • Is it love or pain?
  • How to finally get yourself out of there

Nancy Books

Nancy Nichols’s self-improvement books: Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter, Never Date a Dead Animal and God, Please Fix Me! A Trilogy of Self-Esteem, Relationship Understanding and Personal Healing for Women. All available on amazon and Nancy’s website.

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